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Toilet Training for Children with Autism

Joshua Sleeper June 19, 2018

Take a deep breath: ABA therapists practically invented modern toilet training

Toilet training for children with autism comes with a tried and true methodology. Perhaps this is why the wider public has adopted the applied behavior analysis, or ABA, practices around toilet training that we’ve been using for decades.

Our science has a long history of research supporting the effectiveness of ABA in toilet training, dating back to the early 1970s. Books and blogs promote the repetition and reinforcement techniques that are derived from original ABA literature. Our methods in toilet training for children with autism are so effective that they have become a part of mainstream parenting.

What does ABA toilet training look like?

Success in toilet training for children with autism requires three components.

Your BCBA will help you create a toilet training plan that is unique to your child. Although all children with autism can benefit from a similar routine rooted in ABA practices, it is important to consult with a BCBA to tailor the program to your child.

An overview of toilet training for children with autism

So that you know what to expect from the process, here is an overview of toilet training for children with autism.

  • With the help of a BCBA, you will develop and help your child stick to a schedule of set times for sitting on the toilet and remaining off the toilet. The use of this schedule is scientifically backed.
  • Your behavior analyst will help you design a schedule of reinforcement for successful toileting, accident success conversions and independent initiations.
  • You will collect information throughout the day to help extend the plan for success and determine when you can relax the toileting schedule.

Toilet training for children with autism is supported by decades of research. Parents – and their children – have no need to fear toilet training. Independence is possible with the help of a qualified BCBA at Trumpet Behavioral Health.

Contact us today to begin talking about toilet training for your child with autism.