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Online Payment

Accessing Your Payment Portal

If you received a payment link via email or text message, you can use that link to pre-authenticate your account number. To access your payment portal using that link, you only need your zip code and the patient’s date of birth.

If you are accessing your payment portal independently, not using a pre-authenticated link sent directly to you, you will need your account number and the patient’s date of birth to access your payment portal. Your account/client number can be found on your statement.

Our Dedicated Customer Service Team

Our Patient Finance Specialists can be contacted for any additional questions or concerns regarding your account or the patient billing process. Our specialists can be contacted directly by email, or the below “Contact Us” form can be submitted and one of our specialists will reach out to you.

Financial Policies

Payment Policy

Federal law requires us as a health care provider to collect co-payments and/or co-insurance, and any unmet deductibles. In the event of insurance non-coverage/nonpayment, any remaining balance must be collected. Full payment, or enrollment in a personalized payment offer, is required upon receipt of a statement.

Patient Financial Assistance Policy

We accept various grants and scholarships for payment towards open patient balances, it is your responsibility to first verify with your grant/scholarship funding source if services are covered. To initiate utilizing a grant/scholarship for payment, please contact Customer Service at

Notification of Changes

We must be immediately notified of any changes that may impact your insurance coverage, including but not limited to your name, address, insurance plan, subscriber ID, member ID, group ID, authorization, benefits, etc. Failing to notify us of any changes may result in insurance non-coverage of services. In the event of any changes, please immediately notify us by contacting customer service at The detachable Change of Address or Health Insurance Information form on your statement may also be used to notify us of any changes.