Referring Physicians and Professionals

BlueSprig was founded in 2017 on the notion that compassionate ABA therapy services could (and should) be provided to those who need it most. BlueSprig and our family of companies are the premier provider with the highest standards in ABA Therapy. Our mission is simple: we are focused on changing the world for children with autism.

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Who We Are

We provide services for children of different ages, specializing in early intervention. Our team is trained to support children of different symptoms by providing a wide range of skills- based activities and goals to best suite their behavioral needs. Our supportive staff is available to provide services in various settings at any time of day, even on the weekend, to accommodate the schedules of the families we work with.

Major Insurances Accepted

All Major Payers Accepted: We work with most major commercial insurance plans in addition to many regional plans to meet your needs. In addition, we also work to partner with TRICARE, Medicaid, school districts and private pay resources. For more information on major carriers we accept, visit our insurance page.

What is ABA

The most notable behavioral intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is a therapy built around the process of behavior change using reinforcement strategies to both increase and decrease targeted behavior while working to improve socialization, communication, learning skills and other developmental milestones. Learn the ABC’s of ABA.

Next Steps and Collaboration of Care

During the transition to care at BlueSprig, parents will have access to a clinical team to discuss the assessment and therapy process, an insurance specialist to walk them through a comprehensive report outlining their insurance coverage and the financial implications, as well as a member of the operations team to tour the clinic and discuss scheduling moving forward.

A partnership with BlueSprig is a true collaboration amongst our team, your staff, and any other medical professionals involved in providing care and services to the patient. Our expert clinicians work with each child daily to implement the program and collect data that are used to measure progress. With a signed release, all physicians will be provided with updates so you can stay in the know on your patient’s progress.

Have Questions? Contact your local center for more information.


Families seeking a diagnosis can often find long waitlists, a confusing process, and a dearth of information and resources. BlueSprig is here to help in the process. Select centers can schedule the ADOS-2. The results of these assessments can be reviewed by a diagnostician and can significantly decrease the time spent on waiting lists, resulting in families receiving services sooner. To learn more about assessments offered, visit our assessments page.

Family Support

Our goal at BlueSprig is to give you, the referring provider, as well as the families you care for, peace of mind. We are here for your families from the day they are referred to us, to the day they are discharged from care. BlueSprig and our family of companies can help you to provide the very best treatment for your patient. We have centers in 19 states across the country. From diagnosis, to treatment, to finding community resources, we provide support for families and caregivers every step of the way.

Our local centers are engaged in their communities and provide several sensory events, open houses and trainings for families to join and be a part of. These events are open to the public and do not require families to be currently receiving services. Additionally, we provide social media engagement through tips and blogs, which are a great resource for families, and loved ones of those who have a child with ASD.

Helpful Family Resources

Many organizations have grants available to help families pay for needed health care services. Usually, an application is required for this type of funding. The Autism Support Network has a list of grants on their website. Several organizations exist that fundraise to assist families in need of services. Check out for ideas.

Child Find is a school assistance resources that requires schools find all children who have disabilities and who may be entitled to special education services. Learn more about Child Find visit the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) at