Ages 7-12

Our Intervention For Adolescents Branching Out Explorers Program

ABA Excellence for Every Age, at Every Stage

Uniquely Personalized

We create a care strategy aimed at fostering your child’s growth and helping them to achieve their goals.

Developmental Milestones

We acknowledge the unique stages of growth that occur in each age range and the challenges that accompany each stage of life.

Nuanced Interventions

Our therapy is designed to meet the diverse needs of children in every age group with age-appropriate care plans.

Services Include

  • Social Skill Development
  • Social and Interactive Learning
  • Early Life Skills Training
  • Communication Enhancement

Why Choose BlueSprig?

BlueSprig’s customized plan of care, tailored to your child’s individual needs, can be a helping hand as you navigate their preteen years. As your child grows at their own pace, the expert team of board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and registered behavior technicians (RBTs) at your local BlueSprig center will utilize compassionate ABA therapy strategies that meet your child where they are and support them as they accomplish their goals.

BlueSprig is growing! Find out where we can be there for you.