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Our Story

BlueSprig was founded in 2017 on the notion that compassionate ABA therapy services could (and should) be provided to those who need them most.

Our Founding CEO, Keith Jones, wanted to create something that would make a positive impact and knew right away that nothing would have more meaning than helping others. He came across the world of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and realized that there were varying levels of care across providers. That's when he built our very first center, The Farm, to bring consistency and innovation to the field of ABA. Since then, we have opened more than 160 centers nationwide and are still growing.

We are deeply connected to our mission of changing the world for children with autism. That is why we are laser-focused on providing the individualized, high-quality ABA therapy that your family deserves.

It is also why we are loud advocates for positive change. We know that people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may be restricted in their ability to advocate for themselves, which is why we invest in critical research to advance the field of ABA and advocate passionately for the rights of all children with autism.

The families and children we serve are at the heart of everything we do. Focusing on our families allows us to provide nationwide access to the highest ethics, quality, and innovation that ABA therapy can offer.

Our Locations

BlueSprig is growing! Find out where we can be there for you.

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