Specialty Care and Programs

BlueSprig Behavior Center

Comprehensive Approach to Severe Behavior

  • Our experienced clinical teams in the severe behavior program employ proven techniques and strategies to help individuals thrive.
  • We specialize in addressing behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, pica, elopement, or property destruction—behaviors that may impede access to educational or medical services and pose risks to the individual, others, or their environment.

Tailored Treatment Plans

  • We offer intensive services tailored to the unique needs of each individual, aiming to identify effective treatment protocols that can be seamlessly integrated by caregivers, teachers, and others in their environment.
  • Our goal is to transition clients back into less intensive services while ensuring sustained progress.

Four Phases of Severe Behavior Resolution

  1. Assessment: We meticulously assess the details of each client’s severe behavior, their strengths, and their needed supports to devise personalized treatment plans.
  2. Intervention: Beginning family-integrated treatment, we focus on cultivating safer, more adaptive alternative behaviors and establishing healthy, functional interventions.
  3. Support: We provide ongoing support to caregivers and clients as they implement interventions across various settings, including home, school, and community.
  4. Maintenance: Our commitment extends beyond initial intervention, aiming to maintain safe adaptive behaviors and equip caregivers with tools for sustained behavior change.

Empowering Goals

Our overarching goals are to empower individuals to interact confidently and securely with peers and adults, foster behaviors that enhance their quality of life, and establish an inclusive, compassionate approach to treatment for individuals across the lifespan.
At BlueSprig Behavior Center, we work collaboratively with families, leveraging our expertise and resources to create a path towards lasting positive change.

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Assessment & Treatment of Challenging Behavior FAQs