Early Intervention ABA Therapy Services for Children with Autism

Assessment Process

BlueSprig clinicians specialize in customizing the assessment process using a variety of tools to ensure the assessment best measures the individual needs of the client and generates the most appropriate behavior intervention plan, client and caregiver goals, and level of needed services. For our younger clients, we use a variety of developmental tools specifically designed to understand how your child is progressing in relation to age-appropriate developmental milestones.

The assessment process for BlueSprig clinicians includes:

  • Records review, including a review of assessment results from other professionals
  • Client and/or parent interview
  • Direct assessment and observation in multiple developmental domains
  • Direct assessment and observation in multiple settings of behavior

Our services and care don’t stop here: in addition to these, we also work to ensure that you are equipped with strategies that enable you to facilitate learning in the home and community setting outside of therapy hours.

Your clinical team will provide strategies for:

  • Increasing communication
  • Building skills necessary to make friends
  • Decreasing frustration when communication is a challenge
  • Increasing skills necessary to build a foundation of safety awareness as age appropriate for your child
  • Individualized approach to toilet training
  • Sleep issues
  • Feeding issues

Additionally, we know how important family routines and traditions are to each family we work with here at BlueSprig. We will work alongside you to make pathways to successful play dates, pediatrician visits, and community outings with the goal of improving your family’s quality of life.

Our clinicians are committed to you child and your family. And these clinicians are directly supported by BCBAs with decades of experience to ensure an optimal response to intervention.

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