How ABA Therapy Empowered Our Family’s Journey with Autism

May 21, 2024

Navigating the intricate landscape of autism often requires families to embark on a journey filled with both challenges and moments of profound growth. Amidst this journey, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy emerges as a guiding light, offering personalized support and strategies tailored to the unique needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. In this blog, we delve into the transformative experiences of two extraordinary individuals, Eileen Lamb and Emma Slattery, as they share their paths to embracing ABA therapy and the profound impact it has had on their lives.

Eileen Lamb’s Journey: 
Eileen Lamb’s journey with ABA therapy began with the discovery of her son Charlie’s autism diagnosis. Recalling the initial signs she noticed in Charlie, Eileen shares, “We started noticing signs around 15 months old…by that point, he had lost all his words, wouldn’t make eye contact anymore, and spent entire days lining things up.” Faced with these challenges, Eileen sought help, leading to Charlie’s enrollment in ABA therapy at the age of 2.

For Eileen, embracing ABA therapy meant navigating a complex landscape of appointments, therapies, and uncertainties. “It was a difficult time,” she reflects. “My days were filled with doctor appointments, therapy, and trying to help Charlie.” Despite the hurdles, Eileen found solace in Charlie’s progress through ABA therapy. “We saw progress quickly,” she shares. “His ability to communicate basic needs with an AAC device is hands down the best thing he learned in ABA.”

Reflecting on her own experiences as an individual with autism, Eileen acknowledges the differences between her journey and Charlie’s. “Our struggles are very different,” she explains. “But I can relate to his sensitivity to sound and other sensory differences, which I believe helps me be more patient.”

As Charlie’s journey with ABA therapy unfolded, Eileen encountered challenges in accessing and implementing the therapy. “Insurance has been a battle,” she admits, “but we’re in a good place now.” Despite the obstacles, Eileen remained steadfast in advocating for Charlie’s needs, emphasizing the importance of communication between parents and professionals.

Throughout Charlie’s ABA therapy journey, Eileen witnessed remarkable milestones and moments of triumph. “Yesterday morning, Charlie was waiting for the school bus,” she recalls. “He said, ‘I want bus,’ using his AAC device, and then cleaned up a bowl of food he had spilled—all things he learned in ABA.” As she envisions Charlie’s future, Eileen remains hopeful, fueled by the unwavering support of his ABA team and their collective dreams as a family.

Emma Slattery’s Perspective: 
For Emma Slattery, ABA therapy became a cornerstone of her family’s journey after her brother’s autism diagnosis. Reflecting on the initial emotions surrounding the diagnosis, Emma shares, “The initial emotion was relief…we felt that we had finally figured out why he acted the way he did.” With this newfound understanding came the decision to explore ABA therapy as a means of support for her brother.

As her brother embarked on his ABA therapy journey, Emma played a pivotal role in providing support and encouragement. “I have supported my brother by being his person during therapy sessions,” she explains. “Making him feel less alone throughout this process.” Emma’s unwavering dedication to her brother’s well-being exemplifies the profound impact of familial support in the ABA therapy journey.

Witnessing her brother’s growth and confidence through ABA therapy, Emma reflects on memorable moments of triumph. “A memorable moment that was a result of ABA therapy was when he started applying for jobs,” she shares. “He was able to go through the whole interview while making eye contact and answering questions in complete sentences.” These milestones underscore the transformative power of ABA therapy in fostering independence and skill development.

As she navigates her role as a supportive sibling, Emma emphasizes the importance of empathy and inclusion. “Having a sibling with autism is one of the reasons I am a strong advocate for inclusion, diversity, and empathy,” she affirms. Through her advocacy and support, Emma champions the importance of fostering understanding and acceptance within the community.

In addition to her advocacy, Emma shares insights into the challenges and triumphs of navigating her brother’s ABA therapy journey. “One of the challenges we faced was helping him in school settings,” she reveals. “He struggled with making friends and when he was deep in thought he would tap his hand or a pencil, which teachers did not understand.” Emma’s willingness to stand by her brother’s side during therapy sessions and school interactions highlights the profound impact of sibling support in the ABA therapy journey.

As she reflects on her brother’s progress and the role of ABA therapy in their family’s journey, Emma emphasizes the transformative power of acceptance and understanding. “ABA therapy has given so many people with autism the ability to feel comfortable in their own skin,” she reflects. Through her unwavering advocacy and support, Emma continues to champion the importance of fostering empathy, inclusion, and empowerment for individuals on the autism spectrum.

In the narratives of Eileen Lamb and Emma Slattery, we find profound reflections on the transformative power of ABA therapy in the journey with autism. From the initial discovery of a diagnosis to the milestones achieved through therapy, their experiences underscore the resilience, hope, and unwavering support that define the ABA therapy journey. As families embrace the challenges and triumphs of autism, let us heed their stories as beacons of inspiration and empowerment on the path to understanding and acceptance.

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