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S2 E11: ABA through the lens of anthropology

with Dr. Michael Cameron & Rachael Cain, MS, BCBA
  • Category: Podcasts

Episode Description

In a must-listen episode, Tim is joined by Dr. Michael Cameron, Ph.D, BCBA-D, LBA and Rachel Cain, M.S., BCBA to discuss her background in anthropology and how it impacts her as a BCBA. It is a fascinating conversation about how our cultural backgrounds influence us as clinicians as well as how we should be interacting with the families we work with. Michael and Rachael provide plenty of food for thought about how important it is for our industry to provide a workforce with a diverse background both culturally as well as academically. Hope you enjoy this thought-provoking conversation!

Please note that due to some technical issues during recording there are some slight audio issues during this episode. We apologize to our listeners.

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