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Home-Based ABA Therapy

Our Registered Behavior Technicians are available to provide individualized treatment in the homes of the families we serve. ABA Therapy in the home setting is similar to center-based services but may be better suited if the child requires:

  • Access to siblings, parents, and other family members as part of their ABA program
  • Support to learn self-help skills in their natural environment
  • Additional caregiver involvement
  • A new setting to generalize skills learned in the center setting

While center-based services provide easy access to the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), home-based services provide easy access to caregivers which allows for the smooth transition of services from the behavior analysts to the caregivers as they become more empowered to support their child. Home-based services also allow staff to implement treatment in the exact setting where the behavior will take place. For instance, teaching a child to use the toilet is most effective when taught in the natural environment instead of outside the home.

We know that as a caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum, you need a partner that you can count on. We provide collaborative ABA therapy that focuses on support and guidance for all members of your family and we are dedicated to providing those services in the environment that best suits each child’s needs.

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