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Florida Autism Center - Specialty Clinics

Compassionate, individualized care is the heart of what we do at Florida Autism Center – Specialty Clinics. Our team of board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and registered behavior technicians (RBTs) approach each child’s care with evidence-based ABA therapy practices proven to have a positive impact on not only your child, but your whole family.

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  • Treatment of Challenging Behavior
  • Treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders

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Specialty Clinics – FAC at UF Health CAN

The Florida Autism Center (FAC)/Blue Sprig Specialty Clinics (BSP), in collaboration with the UF Health Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment (UF Health CAN) and the Behavior Analysis Research Clinic (BARC), Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Science, is a site for specialty ABA therapy services. These services are specialized care intended to be short-term intensive therapy focused on assessing and treating Pediatric Feeding Disorders or assessing and treating Challenging Behavior. Short-term generally means around six months (one insurance authorization period). In some cases, the clinical team may determine that the patient (your child, your adult, or you) might need to spend more time in the specialty clinics to ensure a smooth transition to a less intensive level of service. The goal of the specialty clinics will be to provide high-hour therapy for a focused small number of goals so the individual can be integrated into, or back into, their community-based school, program, or early-intensive-behavioral intervention (EIBI) clinic, which are designed to provide comprehensive care. In addition to the focused nature of your child’s treatment, the Specialty Clinic team may also recommend more intensive staffing ratios to support your child’s treatment plan (e.g., two technicians with one child). During their time within the Specialty Clinics, your child may transition to a less intensive ratio and/or decrease treatment levels to prepare them for placement in their community-based setting.

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Multidisciplinary Services

Coordination and Collaboration

The partnership with the FAC Specialty Clinics and the University of Florida allows us the unique and necessary opportunity to coordinate your child’s intensive behavioral care with other necessary medical providers. This collaboration is integral to your child’s success within our program and may take the form of establishing a collaborative care team consisting of your FAC Specialty Clinic Behavior Analyst, a UF CARD representative, a UF Health CAN Patient Navigator, and other providers. In some cases, UF Health providers such as Psychiatrists, Gastroenterologists, Dieticians, Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physical therapists, and other specialists may come together in a Case Conference to discuss the whole client and client centered care. All clients receiving services in one of our programs will be provided with consent forms to allow your clinicians to coordinate care with these providers. We ask that you immediately notify us of any changes in your child’s medical care so that we can maintain this documentation throughout intensive treatment.

Meet the Team at the Specialty Clinics

  • Kerri

    Center Director

  • Vivian

  • Timothy

  • Ronald

  • Justin

  • Kacie

  • Stephanie

    Center Administrator

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