Season 1: Episode 4 – Providing ABA during a pandemic

Dr. Sharyn Kerr, Jill Jacobson March 20, 2024

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Episode Description

In March of 2020 we all saw our lives drastically change as a global pandemic caused lock downs and business closures began. Many states were quick to identify ABA therapy as an essential service, however the work to ensure families safely received care and employees were able to continue in a secure working environment had just begun. Dr. Sharyn Kerr, Chief Operating Officer at BlueSprig, and Jill Jacobson, Chief Growth Officer sit down with Tim to talk about the challenges that BlueSprig faced during the early period of this pandemic. They also discuss the quick and effective decisions they made to create safe conditions for all those involved and how the process evolved over time. Our hope is that this episode can aid other providers and offer best practices for moving forward in our “new normal”.