Senior Operations Manager

Samantha Lewis


Samantha Lewis is the dedicated and dynamic Senior Operations Manager at the center located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Armed with a robust educational background, Samantha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, an Associate Degree in Social Sciences of Psychology and Sociology, and is a certified Registered Behavior Technician. Her areas of expertise lie in organizational leadership, problem-solving, effective communication, and exhibiting strong interpersonal skills, all of which she skillfully employs to enhance operations within her role.

Samantha is deeply committed to her client care philosophy, which revolves around prioritizing the clients and their families’ needs. She focuses on building strong working relationships to ensure that each person receives quality, individualized care. This philosophy has driven her professional involvement and contributions, notably running two major events for BlueSprig in the past year. These initiatives include a sensory-friendly movie night and an educational booth at a farmer’s market to promote ABA, in addition to assisting with a booth at an Autism in Motion event. Her efforts are aimed at spreading awareness and fostering understanding of Autism in the community.

Outside her professional realm, Samantha leads an engaging life in the vicinity of Fort Smith with her husband, two dogs (Matilda and Emmy), and a cat named Noodle. She is passionate about various hobbies, including writing, drawing, painting, and playing video games, alongside a love for traveling, camping, and gardening. With aspirations of attending graduate school to pursue a license in clinical mental health within the next year, Samantha remains committed to advocating for and bringing awareness to Autism across all ages in the meantime. Her dedication to both her professional and personal life showcases a remarkable balance and a continuous drive to make a difference.