Clinical Director

Roxanne Gayle


Roxanne Gayle is the Clinical Director and Ethics Advisor at Trumpet Behavioral Health in Warren, MI, where she brings her profound expertise as a Severe Behavior Specialist to bear on her work with clients. With a rich educational background marked by a PhD, BCBA-D, and LBA credentials, Roxanne is well-versed in both the theory and application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an area she fell in love with during her first practicum experience at the Kalamazoo Autism Center. Fluent in English and conversant in some Spanish, she brings an inclusive approach to her practice. Roxanne serves as a Trumpet Severe Behavior Specialist and an Ethics Advisor for BlueSprig, embodying a client care philosophy that centers on the individual needs of children, advocating for personalized education plans and care methods that are equitable, ethical, and accessible.

Roxanne’s commitment to her field extends beyond the walls of the center through her engagement with the community, where she offers her expertise to dental, hairdressing, and medical professionals to better serve individuals with autism. Her collaboration with various community providers underscores her belief in a comprehensive approach to care. Roxanne has contributed significantly to professional knowledge through her publications, with recent works focusing on ethics in human services, the relationship between autonomic arousal and dental appointments, and the potential of virtual reality training for children with autism.

Beyond her professional achievements, Roxanne leads a full and vibrant personal life. She is an adjunct professor at three universities, where she shares her knowledge and passion for ABA with the next generation of practitioners. An avid gardener, Roxanne finds joy and relaxation in the outdoors, nurturing growth in both her plants and her professional practice. Her commitment to community is also evident in her role as a manager for her daughter’s travel soccer team, demonstrating her belief in supporting development and teamwork beyond her professional endeavors.