Clinical Director

Patricia Eberhardt


Patricia Eberhardt is the esteemed Clinical Director at Florida Autism Center in Winter Park, FL, where she applies her substantial knowledge and experience gained over 24 years in the field of autism intervention and treatment. With a solid educational foundation that includes a Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology and a Master’s degree in applied behavior analysis and clinical science, Patricia has developed a strong expertise in various areas such as stimulus-stimulus pairing, functional communication, managing self-injurious behavior, aggression, Pica, autism, intellectual disabilities, and enhancing readiness and adaptive behavior. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she ensures that her approach to client care is inclusive and tailored, always emphasizing the importance of recognizing clients and their families as individuals with unique needs, desires, and strengths.

Under her guidance, the Florida Autism Center Winter Park has flourished, thanks to her dedication to developing and implementing comprehensive treatment plans that meet the individual needs of those served by the center. Patricia’s approach combines evidence-based interventions with a strong commitment to professional development, both for herself and her team, fostering an environment of collaboration and support that translates to exceptional care for clients. Beyond her role at the center, Patricia actively participates in the wider autism community through advocacy and education, aiming to raise awareness and promote inclusion for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Patricia’s leadership not only advances the field of autism intervention but also profoundly impacts the lives of individuals and families navigating autism. Outside of her professional endeavors, she finds joy in nature and cherishes spending quality time with her family, embodying the balance between personal passion and professional commitment.