Operations Assistant

Michelle Cervantes


Michelle Cervantes is a highly organized and multifaceted Operation’s Assistant at BlueSprig Avondale in Arizona. She brings a rich educational background, holding diplomas from La Joya Community High School, Phoenix College, and Grand Canyon University, supplemented by certifications in CPR & First Aid, Article 9, and Prevention & Support training. Fluent in English and Spanish with beginner proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL), Michelle is well-equipped to communicate and cater to a diverse clientele.

Her expertise lies in creating and maintaining an organized, fast-paced work environment where multitasking and attention to detail are paramount. Michelle is adept at teamwork and has honed her skills working with children with autism, Down syndrome, and other intellectual disabilities. By following their Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) and Individual Education Plans (IEP), she has developed innovative methods to guide them towards achieving their goals, such as teaching them to follow instructions through everyday tasks and helping them cope with emotions in a comforting and calming manner.

Michelle’s client care philosophy is rooted in passion, patience, and a desire to make a positive change in the lives of children with intellectual disabilities. She believes in supporting families and giving children opportunities to succeed, which resonates with her involvement in community engagement initiatives. Michelle has made notable contributions by organizing hands-on activities for children, including those with Down syndrome at her church, ensuring they receive extra support during services.

When not dedicating her time to making a difference in the lives of others, Michelle enjoys quality moments with her baby, family, and friends, exploring new restaurants and Boba spots, and indulging her passion for singing as a member of her church choir. Her personal interests and community involvement highlight her compassionate and proactive nature, making her a valuable asset to BlueSprig Avondale and the families it serves.