Center Director

Jessy Campos-Garcia


Jesus Jessy Campos-Garcia, MS., BCBA, LBA, is a highly qualified and dedicated Clinical Director at BlueSprig in Kingwood, Texas. With a solid educational background from Our Lady of the Lake University in Counseling Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas, Jessy brings a wealth of expertise to his practice. He is particularly passionate about working with a diverse range of families and children in early intervention, helping them unlock their true potential by overcoming obstacles through the principles and concepts of applied behavior analysis.

Jessy’s client care philosophy centers around creative thinking and maintaining an open, honest relationship with families, ensuring a collaborative approach to service. His commitment extends beyond individual client care to fostering a positive environment at the center and being an active member of the community. As a dedicated CASA of Montgomery County volunteer, he advocates for children in the foster care system, emphasizing his commitment to making a positive impact.

In addition to his professional involvement as a member of TxABA, ABAI, and a TBRI practitioner, Jessy enjoys spending his free time in nature, reading, and surrounding himself with animals, including his three dogs. His love for cinema further highlights his diverse range of personal interests. Jessy’s comprehensive approach to client care, combined with his community engagement and personal hobbies, underscores his holistic approach to wellness and his dedication to improving the lives of those he works with.