Clinical Director

Heather Mroczenski


Heather Mroczenski is the Clinical Director at the BlueSprig center in Hendersonville, TN, with a rich academic background including a BA in Interpersonal Communication from Taylor University and an MS in Special Education, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis, from Cairn University. She is a credentialed MS., BCBA, LBA, with areas of expertise that shine in caregiver training and early intervention. Heather is deeply committed to empowering caregivers to foster developmental success and resilience in their children, focusing on building strong caregiver-child relationships and providing personalized strategies for growth.

Heather’s client care philosophy is rooted in collaborative partnerships with parents, guiding them to support their children’s success and fostering inclusive environments where every child’s unique strengths are recognized and nurtured. Her passion for creating inclusive growth and resilience among children has driven her to become a pillar in the community, extending her expertise and resources beyond the realm of special needs to mentorship and financial support for those in distress through her involvement with local non-profits.

In the professional arena, Heather has made significant contributions, including speaking at The UnPopular Conference in South Carolina about applying Behavior Analysis in financial well-being. She has also developed a continuing education course with Study Notes ABA, blending Personal Finance and ABA, showcasing her innovative approach to education and behavior analysis.

Beyond her professional commitments, Heather enjoys an active lifestyle and nature, engaging in activities like working out, kayaking, camping, hiking, and is an avid reader (Team Kindle). As a Certified Financial Coach and a BCBA, she harnesses her unique skill set to enhance people’s financial well-being through ABA principles. Heather is also a dedicated spouse and a loving parent to two four-legged companions, embodying her nurturing and compassionate nature in all facets of her life.