Operations Manager

Davida Tolbert


Davida Tolbert is a committed Operations Manager located in Lithonia, GA, with a strong background in Healthcare Administration. Prior to her current position at BlueSprig, Davida made significant contributions to the healthcare system in NYC, serving as a Patient Care Representative on the pediatric unit for 5 years and as a Senior Clerk for 2 years at the same medical facility. Throughout her tenure, Davida has successfully managed a variety of responsibilities, including staff training, recruitment, coordinating patient intake, processing insurance information, and contributing to the creation of the “Healthy Arts” coloring book for nutrition.

Davida started her career at BlueSprig in 2021 as an RBT, progressing through roles as an operation assistant and operations specialist. She excels in scheduling and communicating effectively with her peers. Throughout her journey, she has developed a client care philosophy centered on providing equal time and dedication to all clients and their families by being a supportive listener and offering assistance.

Personally, Davida values spending quality time with her sons and husband, creating lasting memories. During her free time, she enjoys experimenting with cosmetics and savoring tasty meals. She also finds pleasure in outdoor activities, soaking up the sun, and exploring different destinations around the globe.