Center Operations Supervisor

Chasity Weston-McAllister


Chasity Weston-McAllister serves as the Center Operations Supervisor at Florida Autism Center located in Clermont, FL, boasting an academic background with an Associate of Science in Business Administration. Embracing a client care philosophy that underscores the significance of treating every individual with dignity and respect, Chasity also believes in acknowledging the uniqueness of people and valuing their abilities and strengths. Originally from Miami, FL, her life journey took her through various states including Missouri and Mississippi, eventually leading her to Clermont, where she found a balance in her preference for climate, considering her aversion to both extreme cold and heat. Chasity’s passion for working with children and her leadership skills were cultivated through her experiences at a summer camp in Miami and an independent living center for special needs in Missouri, as well as her roles in customer service and office management. Although she initially embarked on a college journey in Tallahassee with the aim of becoming a teacher, her career path evolved while her underlying aspiration to guide and assist others remained constant. Married and a mother to three sons, Chasity cherishes spending time with her family, whether it’s attending their sports events or simply enjoying each other’s company, underlining her devotion to both her professional and personal life.