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Children’s Books to Celebrate Pride Month

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Children’s Books to Celebrate Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month, BlueSprig has put together a list of LGBTQIA+ inclusive books to read with your loved ones! These children’s books contain positive messages about being inclusive, embracing differences, and overcoming diversity! Read along with your children to support love and identity!

Love Makes A Family

This sweet and simple book describes how love is like chasing away monsters, baking a cake, or reading together with all different family structures represented including same-sex and interracial couples. This children’s book read-aloud demonstrates that what’s most important in each family’s life is the love the family members share!

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Rainbow A First Book Of Pride

Throughout this book, each color of the rainbow is given a word and illustrated with families of the LGBTQIA+ community participating in activities that fit the word. Through the rainbows shown in this book, readers can celebrate life, healing, light, nature, harmony, and spirit.

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Mommy, Mama, and Me

This book portrays the everyday life of a family with two moms. It showcases parts of the day that young children can relate to such as going to the park or cooking dinner. This children’s book does not explain two mommies but rather shows the reader one loving family. There is also a version of this book with two dads. Daddy, Papa, and Me

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Pride Colors

This is another children’s book that goes through each color of the rainbow flag and highlights the symbolism of each color. The message portrayed in this book is for little ones to be who they are and be loved unconditionally. Families from all walks of life are depicted in the book, and children of different races are shown exploring with family members.

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We hope you and your family enjoy these fun and inclusive books this year in honor of celebrating Pride month! Tag us on social at @bluesprigautism and let us know which book was your favorite. Happy reading!