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a division of BlueSprig

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Compassionate ABA Services

Fusion Autism Center is now a division of BlueSprig! As a result of this partnership, our teams can provide even more accessibility to services for children and families in need of care through increased support, clinical expertise and family resources. We provide the most compassionate Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children of different ages and levels, specializing in early childhood development for young learners. Our individualized approach to care ensures that each child receives the personalized services they need in a setting that works best for them, while also ensuring the highest quality support for our families. Interested in scheduling a tour or learning more? Contact your local center to get started today.

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Specializing in Early Childhood Development

Early intervention ABA therapy is necessary for developmental growth for toddlers and young kids. Our distinguished Sprouts and Sprigs program is individualized by design to help young children with ASD in learning and excelling in the areas of communication, language, safety skills, social skills, transitioning into a school setting, skills needed for continued learning and caregiver guidance. This personalized program is modified based on your child’s needs and age as well as caregiver needs. Our expert clinical staff will support your family to ensure key milestones are met as well as make pathways to successful play dates, pediatrician visits, and community outings with the goal of improving your family’s quality of life.