BlueSprig BCBA Internship Program

How Are We Different?

BlueSprig’s Internship Program is a differentiator in the ABA field not only through the customized training coursework provided by our Learning and Performance Development Department but also through the extensive hands-on training interns receive. We have a community of over 150 interns across the country and we work to foster connections within this community of learning individuals. Interns receive a customized skills map and workbook to support them through their internship journey, access to free mock exams, and access to other test prep resources to ensure their success when taking the national board exam.

The BlueSprig Internship Program is open to employees who are seeking national certification to become behavior analysts. In this program, you will earn required supervision hours from the best clinicians practicing today. You’ll have access to years of vast clinical knowledge to help you join the ranks of our clinically excellent BCBAs.

During this intensive program, interns will work towards mastery of all BCBA task list items, engage in hands-on learning, build a professional portfolio, and have opportunities to gain supervision from subject matter experts across the company. BlueSprig’s Internship Program offers opportunities for paid unrestricted hours.

Our goal is to provide you with superior clinical training and prepare you to begin your career as a BCBA.

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Who is Eligible to Apply to the Program?

Employees in good standing who meet the following minimum criteria can apply to the program:

  • Have completed and documented completion of the BlueSprig initial training and on-boarding
  • Have been an employee at BlueSprig for at least 90 days
  • Hold a current RBT certification
  • Meets all the BACB’s requirements for accruing fieldwork hours, including starting qualifying coursework