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Winter Fun: Inclusive Activities with Children with Autism

BlueSprig January 11, 2024

When the winter chill sets in, and the world outside is blanketed in cold, it offers a unique opportunity to engage your child with autism in a multitude of activities. Whether you prefer staying cozy indoors or braving the frosty outdoors, there are numerous activities perfectly suited for kids with autism. Let’s explore some engaging, fun-filled, and enriching activities to help your child build new skills, stimulate their senses, and create beautiful winter memories.

Indoor Winter Crafts: Combining Fun and Creativity 

Crafting together indoors can be a heartwarming and enriching experience for children. Let the creative juices flow by creating a snow-inspired scene inside, featuring paper snowflakes, fluffy cotton wool snowmen, or homemade festive decorations. Incorporate materials with varying textures, like glitter and felt, to engage your child’s tactile senses. This hands-on activity not only allows them to express their creativity but also improves their fine motor skills. To ensure a pleasant crafting experience, provide step-by-step instructions and support as needed. This ensures the activity remains fun and stimulating rather than turning into a source of frustration. Enjoy the magic of seeing your child take pride in their crafty creations!

Winter Sensory Bins: Engaging the Five Senses 

Imagine a box filled with the enchantment of winter – that’s what a sensory bin can be for children. Bring winter indoors by creating sensory bins filled with items such as faux snow, pinecones, or holiday baubles. Stimulate their sense of touch, sight, and even smell with these diverse elements. Encourage your child to delve into this box of winter wonders, identifying and describing what they discover. This playful exploration can simultaneously boost their language development and sensory integration. Always remember, each child’s sensory preferences are unique, so tailor the bin’s contents according to your child’s comfort level and interests.

Outdoor Adventure: Exploring the Winter Wonderland 

Venturing into the great outdoors during winter can sometimes present a snowy playground ripe for exploration. If you and your loved ones live in an area with snow, activities like sculpting a snowman, crafting snow angels, or embarking on a brisk winter stroll offer both physical activity and sensory stimulation. When engaging in these frosty escapades, it’s important to remain adaptable and ensure comfort for your child. Perhaps a snowball fight is too intense, but tracing animal tracks in the snow is just right. You might even turn a simple walk into an adventure by searching for the perfect icicle or the roundest snowball. As long as your child is enjoying the winter environment and not becoming overwhelmed, then it’s a wintry win! Remember, each adventure should be about experiencing joy and discovery in the season’s unique offerings.

Winter Storytime: Encouraging Imagination and Language Skills 

Curling up with a captivating winter-themed book is a great way to spend a chill afternoon. This not only introduces your child to the enchanting aspects of the season but also aids in improving their vocabulary and comprehension. Make story time more interactive by asking questions related to the plot or characters. Even better, let your child narrate the story back to you in their own unique words. From snow-filled adventures to tales of twinkling holiday lights, the right selection of books can whisk your child away to a wondrous winter wonderland. So, let the fireplace crackle, pull out the plush blankets, and embark on a snowy literary journey with your child this winter.

Baking Winter Treats: A Delicious Learning Experience 

Whipping up winter goodies is a delightful and educational way to spend a chilly day indoors. When your child takes part in baking festive cookies or making steamy hot cocoa, they’re engaging in a delightful sensory adventure. The scent of cinnamon, the softness of flour, and the taste of sweet cookie dough all play a part in this delectable experience. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity for your child to master necessary life skills such as measuring, mixing, and following instructions. You can incorporate easy-to-follow recipes and let your child have fun decorating the treats. The look of joy and accomplishment on their face as they savor their homemade delights will surely warm your heart during this frosty season.

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