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Trumpet’s Commitment To Comprehensive Safety Standards

Joshua Sleeper April 8, 2021

From center design to ensuring your child’s privacy, implementing our high safety standards is an integral part of Trumpet’s approach. As a leading autism therapy provider, Trumpet has a comprehensive set of safety standards in place to protect your child, your family, and our staff. Read on to learn more about the many ways Trumpet keeps our families safe at our autism therapy centers.

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Age-appropriate Equipment & Policies

Trumpet’s goal is to serve children of every age, from toddlers to teens. With a wide range of ages, we take special care to ensure each age group’s safety. When your child comes to Trumpet, our team ensures they only have access to age-appropriate equipment, toys, and materials. Many centers have multi-purpose spaces that can serve children of every age, while other centers have separate areas and entrances for different age groups.

Environmental Safety

Trumpet’s autism therapy centers are designed with our safety standards in mind. From our antibacterial furniture in the waiting room to high-quality, kid-friendly furniture, we’re committed to providing a welcoming and comfortable space for every child. Even our flooring, walls, paint choices were created with your child in mind.


Privacy is of the utmost importance, especially when teaching skills like toilet training. To preserve our clients’ privacy while teaching them the important skills they need, Trumpet has a series of protocols in place. In addition to maintaining separate bathrooms for staff and clients, bathrooms are also separated by age and gender. Your child will always be accompanied by two Trumpet employees, so your child will never be alone with just one staff member.

Access Control

Every Trumpet center is equipped with access controls to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering. Using a key-card system, along with sign-in and sign-out processes, our teams get a comprehensive view of who is in our centers at any given time. This system also tracks who is working with a specific child and where they are in the center.


Although COVID-19 has brought a renewed focus on hygiene, Trumpet has always enforced strict cleaning policies. Our staff wipes down tables and chairs after every use. Vacuums and brooms are kept around each center for easy cleanup, and we regularly disinfect toys and materials. We keep all cleaning materials security locked away to ensure they’re out of kids’ reach. We also provide face masks in every center to help our staff and families adhere to national, state, and local COVID guidelines.

Trumpet’s commitment is to keeping your child safe while helping them reach their full potential. If you want to learn more, contact us today, or visit an autism treatment center near you!


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