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Teaching Life Skills To Children With Autism

Kaleigh Haverly August 15, 2022

There is a great big world out there that is filled with wonderful ABA practices, but Trumpet Behavioral Health is grade-A care. Similar to the field of ABA as a whole, TBH is dedicated to the success of our clients. However, what really sets us apart from other ABA providers is that we seek to redefine the meaning of quality. We consider both the quality of our employees’ work setting and the quality of our clients’ services exceedingly important; that is why we strive to create a positive and reinforcing environment for both our team members and our clients. Our clients lean on our therapists to light the way, so it is crucial that our therapists have both the strength and confidence to hold the lantern. At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we aspire to see our therapists grow within their own journey. From providing training, assisting in the RBT licensing process, and providing valuable feedback, TBH is committed to a standard of high quality services provided by highly trained staff.

Core Value: Clients First

At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we believe that there is always room for improvement. With our clients in mind, TBH implements particular guiding principles and core values that influence the way that we operate and constantly improve the services that we provide. TBH’s core values include teamwork, fun, excellence, integrity, and clients first. These values are considered on a daily basis, and they help to pave the way to a world of higher quality care. We can always improve, and TBH takes this idea and applies it with remarkable results.

Questions we ask

Guidelines that we incorporate into the workplace and policies that we adopt are all selected with our core values in mind. We ask ourselves, “What will motivate a team player attitude? Which policies will help to create a more cooperative environment? What can bring a sense of fun into the workplace? What will assist us in dependably providing exceptional services? What will assure us that we are remaining ethical and moral? What will guarantee that we are always making the best decisions for our clients?” By remaining aware of the values that we wish to represent, TBH never fails to progress and perfect our services. We believe that our values should be reflected in our policies 100 percent of the time.

We always strive to have fun!

TBH continuously seeks to provide consistent and quality services to our clients, and the therapy that our therapists and clinicians provide reflects an outstanding level of empathy and patience. At Trumpet Behavioral Health, every little moment proves a genuine desire to help our clients succeed and reach their full potential. However, what really makes Trumpet Behavioral Health special is our eagerness to make every session fun, engaging, and productive for our clients. By incorporating our core value of “fun” into every session, therapists build great rapport with our clients, and this rapport makes the learning process feel like a day of fun!

Teamwork makes the difference

While TBH has many great qualities, what I love most about Trumpet Behavioral Health is the teamwork that every TBH employee holds with high regard. We could not provide the phenomenal care that we do without a sense of perpetual teamwork. It definitely takes a HERD, and TBH strives to make that herd as loving, cooperative, and efficient as possible.