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Employee Spotlight – Sean Noranbrock

BlueSprig May 10, 2022

Being a leader in ABA means more to us than just helping the clients we serve. It’s about being an active participant in our communities and providing resources and support for all families. BlueSprig centers across the country are empowered to be leaders in their communities and do so by hosting and attending several events throughout the year. Our Team members have a passion for serving their communities so they can do their part to educate and advocate for children with autism spectrum disorder. 

Sean NoranbrockWe would like to spotlight Sean Noranbrock, the Operations Manager at the BlueSprig location in Waco, Texas. Sean continues to be an advocate for autism inclusivity and acceptance in his local community by hosting and attending events, joining organizations, and supporting local autism groups in Waco. “My drive to be a leader in my community is simple. I want to ensure that the children in the autism community have a voice and get everything they need and deserve,” said Sean.  

Sean recently was involved in creating a charity golf fundraiser with proceeds benefiting the Heart of Texas Autism Network (HOTAN254). HOTAN254 provides grants, communication devices and countless family support for families in Waco. The charity golf event that Sean hosted helped to raise money for this great foundation so they can provide even more resources to individuals with autism in Waco. The event was a great success, and the team was able to raise over $10,000! The funds from this event will help many families receive the support and resources they need. We are proud to have such incredibly talented and compassionate team members such as Sean working with us at BlueSprig!