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Creativity in ABA Programming 

Brooke Blankenship June 6, 2022

What is programming?

Programming in ABA therapy refers to a process involving multiple steps, assessments, and resources used to create individual plans for each child with autism, of which creativity is an important component. This process involves collaboration between BCBAs, families, and other professionals like school teachers or doctors, to help create a setting and program. From there, we design and implement a unique program, in which each element is unique to each individual client. Programming benefits children with autism by being a structured tool used to help them learn different skills in a variety of areas, while also helping them navigate through challenging behaviors. 

How and why do we get creative?

When designing each of these individual programs, creativity is nacessary to truly design it for each child’s abilities and acquirable skills. Creativity in ABA therapy can mean implementing fun and unique ways to teach children with autism new skills. Some examples of this could be: teaching motor and fine motor skills in fun ways, asking interesting or useful questions for intervertebral programs, or teaching social skills in exciting settings like a park or store.

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Our approach is client-first

Trumpet Behavioral Health sets itself apart from other ABA providers by taking a holistic and client-first approach. To us, the most important thing is how the client is benefiting from our programs. A specific example of this could be how practitioners run sessions at our centers. We have a schedule for our kiddos to follow which includes things such as free time, snack time, circle time, and group games. This not only gives children the opportunity to have fun and interact with peers, it also gives them the opportunity to build up their social and communication skills in fun ways. This schedule also gives therapists opportunities to run trials for their client’s program. 

As the field of ABA therapy continues to grow and evolve, Trumpet Behavioral Health will continue to use creativity in programming to make the most out of each session with our clients. Being collaborative and open to new ideas is one of the things that sets Trumpet apart from other ABA providers! 

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