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Celebrating Purple Up! Day: Supporting Military Families with BlueSprig

BlueSprig March 19, 2024

Purple Up! Day, celebrated on April 15th, is a special occasion marked to encourage collaboration among military personnel, the community, and local officials. It serves as a poignant reminder of the collective responsibility we hold in supporting our military families and recognizing their sacrifices. At BlueSprig, we understand the significance of such observances and are committed to fostering an environment of collaboration and support. In this post, we’ll explore various ways we can collectively make a difference and celebrate Purple Up! Day, demonstrating our unwavering support for our military Employee Resource Group (ERG) and military families within and beyond our community.

Understanding the Significance of Purple Up! Day

Purple Up! Day embodies a powerful gesture of acknowledgment and respect towards military families, highlighting the resilience and sacrifices of those who serve our nation indirectly by supporting their loved ones in the military. By donning the color purple, which symbolizes the unification of all military branches, individuals and organizations send a profound message of solidarity and gratitude to military children and families. This observance acts as a catalyst for community involvement, urging both public and private sectors to reflect on the importance of providing ongoing support and recognition to these families. It’s a day that transcends mere appreciation, fostering a deeper understanding and connection between the military and civilian worlds. In recognizing the essence of Purple Up! Day, BlueSprig embraces the opportunity to lead by example, championing initiatives that not only honor military families on this day but also strengthen the fabric of support surrounding them throughout the year.

Engaging the Community Through Awareness and Education

Engaging your community in Purple Up! Day celebrations fosters a broader awareness and appreciation for military families. Organize community-wide events like purple-themed runs or parades that welcome everyone’s participation. Schools can contribute by holding special assemblies or art projects dedicated to military children. Local businesses can offer discounts to military families or sponsor Purple Up! Day events. Libraries could feature book displays or storytelling sessions focusing on military life. These initiatives encourage community members to actively participate, creating a supportive network for military families and enhancing the sense of unity and appreciation on this significant day.

Supporting Military Families through BlueSprig’s ERG

The Military, Veterans, and Military Families Employee Resource Group at BlueSprig plays a vital role in fostering an inclusive community within the organization. Bringing together current and former military personnel, family members of those who have served, and supportive allies, this group is dedicated to championing inclusion. Their efforts are centered on nurturing and developing leadership within the BlueSprig Community, as well as focusing on enhancing outreach, recruitment, and retention strategies aimed at supporting the military, veterans, and their families. This group embodies the spirit of unity and support, reinforcing BlueSprig’s commitment to recognizing and valuing the contributions of the military community within its workforce.

BlueSprig is dedicated to supporting military families through accepting Tricare, offering relocation support, and fostering an inclusive culture. We actively participate in military-related events, collaborate with EFMPs, and create educational content, including blog posts, to inform employees about military family challenges, focusing on those with children with autism. BlueSprig also prioritizes creating career opportunities for veterans and their dependents, working closely with our Talent Acquisition and HR teams to facilitate access to job fairs and positions near military bases. Overall, BlueSprig’s efforts underscore its commitment to a supportive, inclusive, and well-informed community for military families. To learn more about ABA therapy services at BlueSprig, visit