About ABA Therapy

TRICARE Benefits for Our Families

BlueSprig June 8, 2022

BlueSprig works hard to support our troops and their families in any way that we can. We provide comprehensive TRICARE-approved ABA therapy to children while supporting any changes in station that may occur during enrollment. For many families, insurance ineligibility can be the biggest barrier to overcome before receiving services. TRICARE has an Autism Care Demonstration (ACD) program to provide ABA services to beneficiaries who have an ASD diagnosis. To do our part in reducing barriers to ABA therapy, we make sure to meet TRICARE standards for coverage under our families’ insurance benefits.

TRICARE’s ACD Improvements

One of the most recent changes and benefits that the ACD has implemented is an autism-specific care navigator (ASN). ASNs serve as a primary health care advocate for TRICARE beneficiaries. They help families navigate and coordinate medical and non-medical care and services. Each beneficiary will be assigned an ASN if they received an autism diagnosis on or after October 1, 2021.

Prioritizing Coordination of Care

Our clinicians will work in partnership with their ASN. BlueSprig ensures that our care meets all requirements for assessments and authorizations as required by TRICARE and your state’s laws and regulations. We will also work with each family to make sure they have the support and resources they need. We understand that military families may often have to move to a new location. With that in mind, our teams are here to help identify support networks, physicians, and more.

At Bluesprig, we make coordination of care a priority. Under the medical team conference code, this will allow us the opportunity to coordinate with other service providers who are working with each child for better outcomes. If a family has been assigned an ASN, they will assist in scheduling the coordination of care meetings. If a family does not have an ASN, we will still work with them to arrange a meeting to increase interdisciplinary support.

TRICARE and BlueSprig value parent involvement in their child’s services and recognize the impact of parents who are part of the overall treatment team. We will work closely with each child’s family to support that child’s growth while also aligning with TRICARE’s requirements for service delivery and parent participation.

Learn More About TRICARE Benefits

Our goal is to provide the best, highest quality of services to each military family. Whether you are an active military family who has just relocated due to reassignment or newly retired with a family member looking for ABA services, visit to find a center near you. A member from the local center will work with you and your ASN to begin the steps of client onboarding.

For more information on the ACD and eligibility of ASN, please visit