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Autism Treatment At All Ages

Amber Valentino March 30, 2020

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is recognized as the most effective method of autism treatment for individuals of all ages. The principles of ABA therapy can be applied to work on a variety of skill sets across many ages. At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we’re committed to becoming your long-term partner throughout your child’s journey with autism. That’s just one reason why we’re one of the only autism treatment providers that offers ABA for infants, children, and teenagers. Our experienced team of therapists can help your child with everything from early language development to vocational training.

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Early Intervention Autism Treatment

Evidence shows that early intervention is key in treating symptoms of autism and helping reduce challenging behavior. Our comprehensive early intervention program focuses on children ages 0-5 and often includes early language and learning skills. Depending on your child’s needs, they’ll likely work on:

  • Responding to instructions
  • Labeling objects
  • Asking for things they want
  • Focusing on tasks for age-appropriate durations of time

During the early intervention stage, ABA treatment includes lots of play to allow children to learn skills in a natural setting. Our experienced therapy team also helps children with autism to transition to school-based learning.

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Autism Treatment For School-Age Children

When children are of school age, their goals may become more focused to help them be successful in the school environment. For example, ABA therapy at this age may focus on reducing problem behavior in the classroom or establishing social skills. Programs at this age will target those specific skills until your child meets their goal. In these examples, until the child stops engaging in problem behavior or has enough social skills to engage with peers at school and their community. Communication and attending to tasks are still important, and will likely need more practice in context of the overall focused goal.

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ABA Therapy For Teenagers/Adolescents

At this age, ABA therapy is similar to school-age programming since your child’s autism treatment plan will focus on the skills that will most benefit your child. However, Trumpet’s team may give your child additional goals, like personal hygiene, and work readiness, and preparing to go to college. If your child is planning on attending college or applying for a job, ABA therapy can help teenagers transition to new environments and roles.

At Trumpet, we’re proud to support autism treatment for children throughout all ages by providing focused, age- and skill-appropriate ABA therapy. To learn more about how Trumpet can help your child reach their full potential, contact us today.

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