5 Books to Celebrate Deaf Awareness Month

BlueSprig September 17, 2021

In honor of Deaf Awareness Month, we want to recognize the importance of American Sign Language (ASL) in both the deaf and the autism communities. This month is significant to us because studies have shown that hearing difficulties are at least three times more likely to occur in the autism community, which is why we incorporate ASL into our ABA therapy practices. Our goal is to be inclusive and communicate with our clients in every way that works for them, in order to enhance communication and help them become self-advocates.

It is not only important that we provide resources to support our own clients, but that we are also fulfilling our mission of changing the world for all children with autism. Whether or not your child has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or is deaf / hard of hearing, these books are a great way to celebrate Deaf Awareness Month and the importance of diversity and inclusion.

All the Ways I Hear You by Stephanie Marrufo

This first book follows the main character, Sy, as he teaches us about himself and his friends who range from deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind. In it, we learn about different communication styles and hearing system technologies. We also learn about the importance of having a guardian in our lives who advocates for us.

Proud to Be Deaf by Lilli Beese

This book follows Ava as she shares how much she loves her fellow Deaf Community. We follow her as she interacts with her hearing peers and explains common misconceptions about deaf people. She also introduces her favorite deaf heroes that inspire her. You can follow along with Ava on her companion channel here.

Ranvir Cannot Hear by Genevieve Yusuf

In this book, we follow Ranvir the elephant as he embarks on a journey to find his hearing. Along the way, he meets other animals who can’t do some things, but know how to do other awesome things. They even help Ranvir find his special talent and form a wonderful friendship.

Gracie’s Ears by Debbie Blackington

This lyrical book follows our main character, Gracie, as she goes through her morning routine. She explains that her ears are sleeping, and her parents help her wake them up. Once she gets her hearing aids, she hears new sounds that she has never heard before.

Freddie and the Fairy by Julia Donaldson and Karen George

This last book follows main characters Freddie and Bessie-Belle, the fairy. As Freddie wishes for the pet he has always dreamed of, he notices that Bessie-Belle confuses words like sound similar like "cat" and "bat." He learns that she cannot hear very well and that he needs to speak up so that they can communicate with each other.

We hope that these tips help you and your family celebrate the importance of Deaf Awareness Month. If you want to learn more about hearing loss, deafness, and the co-occurrence of it with ASD, please go to the Developmental Disabilities section of the CDC website here.