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5.20.21 COVID-19 Update

Joshua Sleeper June 1, 2021

Dear TBH Family,

We are writing to alert you to some significant updates to our COVID related health and safety policies.

As has been the case throughout the past year, we have continually evolved our policies to align with changing guidance from the CDC, States and local health authorities. Given recent updates from those organizations, COVID incident rate declines and overall COVID vaccination rates, we are making a change to our COVID related health policy.

We are replacing our daily screen with a COVID Health Reporting Policy. Please find it below for your reference. We have also attached an updated infographic which outlines the new expectations for TBH client families and our team members.

At this time, we will still require our team members to wear a facial covering when providing services or when they are not able to practice social distancing. We understand that many states have eliminated this requirement for the general public, however, at this time it remains a requirement for TBH team members. We are monitoring guidance as it is updated for healthcare settings and will review based on how the guidelines evolve in the coming weeks.

Please continue to monitor your family’s health. If you meet any of the reporting requirements below, please contact your local team and cancel your scheduled sessions. TBH will then follow up to provide guidance on returning to services.

Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to serve your family.


COVID Health Reporting Policy – Updated 5.20.2021

As the COVID incident rate has continued to decrease, the vaccination rate has grown, and the CDC and other health authorities have updated their COVID guidelines TBH is adopting a COVID Health Reporting Policy to replace our previous Health Screening Policy.

Daily completion of a health screening will no longer be required, however, we will continue to require team members and clients to report possible COVID exposure and symptoms to under the following circumstances:

  • Unvaccinated team members and clients (those that have not completed a full vaccination cycle at least 14 days ago) must report any known or suspected direct exposure to a confirmed COVID case in the last 10 days to and may only return to services when one of the following guidelines have been met.<
    • After 7 days have passed since the date of your exposure, with a negative test result taken no sooner than day 5 after the start of your quarantine.
    • Or if at least 10 days have passed since the start of your quarantine.

    Exposure (close contact) is defined by the CDC as anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes or more during the 48 hours before the person began feeling sick until the time the patient was isolated. Or for asymptomatic patients, 48 hours prior to a positive specimen collection. Suspected case is defined as anyone who is being treated as presumed positive by a doctor.

    If you have completed a full COVID vaccination cycle, it has been at least 14 days since your final immunization and you do not currently have any COVID related symptoms you do not need to report COVID exposure to TBH.

  • All team members and client families (whether vaccinated or unvaccinated) should report possible COVID symptoms as outlined below:Do you or anyone in your household, that will be present during the scheduled session closer than 6 feet from your TBH team member for longer than 15 minutes, now or have in the last 48 hours had one or more of the following:
    • Fever or feeling feverish (chills, sweating)
    • New cough
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Sore throat
    • Muscle aches or body aches
    • Vomiting or diarrhea
    • New loss of taste or smell

    If so, please report your symptoms to You may only perform or receive services if one of the following apply:

    • been symptom free for a minimum of 48 hours with no development of additional symptoms.
    • have received a negative COVID test taken after your symptoms began.
    • provide a doctor’s note confirming your symptoms are not COVID related.
    • confirm or have previously confirmed through the Recurring Pre-existing Symptom Attestation process that this is not a new symptom, but a recurring one aligned with a pre-existing condition (allergies, chronic, etc.) – the attestation form can be accessed here.
  • If you have a confirmed COVID case, please report it to immediately.
    • If you are asymptomatic, you may return after 10 days have passed since your positive specimen collection if no new symptoms have developed.
    • If you are symptomatic, you may return after 10 days have passed since any symptoms first appeared and at least 24 hours since symptom resolution (no fever, etc.)
  • Have you in the last 7 days traveled internationally and are not fully vaccinated. If so please report your travel dates to for guidance on returning to services.

If any of the above are reported prior to a session and the respondent does not subsequently confirm they have been without symptoms for the required time, have a valid negative test result or meet one of the other criteria for return; immediately ask the individual/s to leave the location, cancel the session and report the occurrence to

If the report occurs prior to starting a home-based session, please cancel the session before entering the residence.

Face Coverings

At this time TBH still requires a facial covering to be worn by TBH team members while performing work related duties in line with CDC guidelines for healthcare workers and when social distancing is not possible. We are continuing to monitor CDC, state and local guidance to identify when we may be able to eliminate this expectation in the future.

Covid-19 Infographic