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2020 Year In Review With Trumpet’s CEO

Joshua Sleeper November 30, 2020

2020 has challenged all of us professionally, personally, and within our communities. As we come to the end of this unprecedented year, Trumpet’s CEO, Ned Carlson, discusses how this year has changed, challenged, and grown our team, family relationships, and the impact Trumpet services have on individuals with autism.

COVID-19 Initial Response & Ongoing Efforts

Many Trumpet families depend on in-home or clinic-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, which required our team to take immediate action to protect team members and the families we serve. Initially, our first response was to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. We needed to understand the impact of the COVID pandemic and how we could best protect our team members and families while still providing the medically necessary services that our families rely on.

As the year progressed, Trumpet has continued to actively review guidance from the CDC and local health authorities. We’ve implemented a number of initiatives around health and safety, including health screenings, temperature checks, and mandatory mask-wearing. In addition, we provide frequent updates to team members and families on how they can best protect themselves and each other as we navigate the pandemic together.

Adapting ABA Therapy To Changing Situations

COVID has changed many aspects of our individual lives and how we at Trumpet provide our services. The creativity, flexibility, and dedication of our team and clients have allowed us to maintain the continuity of care whenever possible.

In addition to creating additional health and safety procedures for clinic-based therapy, Trumpet provided additional opportunities for families to access services in-home or through telehealth therapy. By adding more options for families, we’ve continued to provide high-quality services to high-risk individuals or families that can’t receive direct services.

Looking To The Future

The challenges of this year have highlighted how amazing the Trumpet team members and families are, and how lucky our organization is to partner with our families. In the past few months, all our systems, processes, and people have been tested. By working together, we’ve continued to create, innovate, and adapt to build additional processes, clinical services, and clinical standards that can survive even the most challenging times.

As we look toward next year and the hopeful conclusion to the COVID pandemic, we’re incredibly optimistic about our ability to continue to partner with our families, invest in our team members, and expand our impact on our clients. If we can get through COVID together, then the sky’s the limit.

To the entire Trumpet community, thank you for your trust and partnership as we navigate the COVID situation together. We remain incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve our families and look forward to even better days ahead.

Now and always, Trumpet is committed to supporting your family in whatever way we can. Learn more about our ABA services now.

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