Clinical Director

Shefali Patel


Shefali Patel stands at the forefront of applied behavior analysis (ABA) as the Clinical Director at Bluesprig, located in Sandy Springs, GA. With a Master’s Degree in ABA from the University of Georgia earned in 2020, she is currently furthering her expertise through a PhD in the same field, with an anticipated completion in October 2024. Her scholarly journey began with a focus on severe behavior and functional communication training during her master’s program, areas that continue to fuel her passion. However, in her capacity as Clinical Director and a PhD student, Shefali has expanded her expertise to include enhancing workplace morale, client engagement, and optimizing the employee experience.

Shefali’s approach to client care is grounded in a robust team mentality, emphasizing collaboration with caregivers and client team members to secure the best outcomes and progress for clients. She champions a compassionate care philosophy, ensuring every family and client feels comfortable and supported when accessing services from Bluesprig.

Beyond her clinical and academic achievements, Shefali actively engages with her community, particularly during Autism Awareness Month in April. She orchestrates the Touch a Truck event in collaboration with Bluesprig Dunwoody, which opens up a world of learning and exploration for families and clients, allowing them to get up close with emergency vehicles and glean more about Bluesprig’s pivotal role in their lives.

When not immersed in her professional or academic pursuits, Shefali delights in exploring the globe with her husband. She has a penchant for immersing herself in new cultures, with a special affinity for savoring diverse culinary delights.

Shefali Manocha’s blend of deep expertise, innovative leadership, and heartfelt commitment to her community positions her as a luminary in the field of applied behavior analysis.