Chief Strategy Officer

Sharyn Kerr, PhD, MBA, BCBA-D


As Chief Strategy Officer of BlueSprig, Dr. Sharyn Kerr is responsible for the vision of the organization and oversees a dynamic team of professionals who ensure this vision is executed with the highest level of compassionate care, compliance, and exceptional quality. Sharyn brings over 25 years of international experience in academic institutions and large, multi-site organizations in autism and ABA. Before joining BlueSprig, Sharyn served as Chief Operating Officer at ACES, where she was responsible for the organization’s growth and daily operations.

Sharyn has earned academic scholarships, honors, and multiple degrees from one of Australia’s elite and internationally recognized research universities. As a licensed child psychologist with a BCBA-D and an MBA, she has a unique understanding of designing and implementing clinically excellent treatment programs with operational efficiency.

Sharyn is also a passionate educator, participating in the education of a new generation of BCBAs by teaching ethics classes at several post-graduate academic institutions. She also enjoys philanthropic activities, serving on the board of multiple international schools where she lends her corporate and educational experience to the non-profit education sector. When not working, Sharyn enjoys spending time with her husband and two children in southern California.