Center Director

Laura Cutshall


Laura Cutshall serves as the Clinical Director at Ahwatukee TBC, bringing with her a rich educational background symbolized by her credentials: MSP, BCBA, LBA. She boasts an array of expertise that includes Early Intervention, Family Guidance, Challenging Behavior, Functional Assessment, and Supervision. Laura is dedicated to providing quality care as her foremost priority, focusing on personalized and comprehensive treatment plans aimed at achieving socially significant outcomes. She values the unique learning experience each client offers, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve them. Beyond her clinical duties, Laura contributes her insights and expertise as a volunteer on the Arizona State DDD-Program Review Committee (PRC). Outside the professional realm, she reveals a lighter side: Laura is a fraternal twin with a deep love for the great outdoors, enjoying hiking, camping, and fishing, activities that allow her to connect with nature.