Center Operations Supervisor

Heather Case


Heather Case is a dedicated Operations Specialist based in Augusta, GA, with a strong background in early childhood development, holding both RBT and CDA credentials from the Council of Professional Recognition in Washington, DC. Before her current role at BlueSprig, Heather made significant contributions as a director at a local daycare center for five years and spent thirteen years teaching preschool at the same facility. Throughout her tenure, Heather’s versatility shone through as she managed a multitude of responsibilities, including crafting lesson plans, developing summer camp programs, engaging parents, training staff, and leading preparation for the Georgia Quality Rated program—achieving the highest three-star rating twice. Additionally, she successfully facilitated two GA Pre-K program classrooms, demonstrating her deep commitment to educational excellence.

Heather’s client care philosophy centers on meeting families where they are in their journey, acting as a compassionate bridge to their hoped-for futures. This approach underscores her belief in providing personalized care to each family and individual that seeks support from her center.

An advocate for positive community change, Heather has volunteered extensively, including contributions to the Aiken County school system, serving on the North Augusta Elementary PTO, managing finances for the Pack 7 Cub Scout program, assisting with the USC Aiken Pacer Life program, and supporting her local church. These roles highlight her commitment to fostering a strong community spirit and enhancing the lives of those around her.

On a personal note, Heather treasures time spent with her husband, four children, and a wide circle of family and friends. As a proud Autism Mom, she understands the unique challenges and joys of parenting. In her spare moments, Heather delights in reading, baking, gardening, and crafting, cherishing breezy, sun-filled days spent rocking on her front porch. Her diverse interests and family-oriented lifestyle reflect her multifaceted personality and deep-rooted values.