Clinical Director

Cierra McPeak


Cierra McPeak, the Clinical Director at BlueSprig in Medina, Ohio, is an esteemed professional in the field of ABA, having pursued her undergraduate degree from Cleveland State University followed by a Masters of Education degree from The University of Cincinnati. In 2017, Cierra acquired her Board Certified Behavior Analysis License and Certified Ohio Behavior Analysis license, emphasizing her commitment to continuous education to enhance her proficiency in ABA. With over a decade of experience, she has focused her career on supporting pediatric patients affected by Autism. Her responsibilities as a Clinical Director include assessing clients, crafting personalized programs, executing interventions in various settings, and ensuring high-quality clinical outcomes. Cierra’s approach is deeply rooted in the use of evidence-based practices, which she constantly updates through ongoing research in her field.

Cierra believes in a comprehensive care philosophy that involves collaborating with medical professionals, educators, and external support services to develop tailored care plans that address the unique needs of each child. This approach highlights the importance of specialized care and provides children with the necessary tools to achieve their maximum potential. Furthermore, Cierra is actively engaged in the community through her volunteer work with the Global Autism Project in Prague, Czech Republic, and at the OCALI ABA Conference in Columbus, Ohio, underlining her commitment to both global and local community support.

Professionally, Cierra has made significant contributions to the field of Autism care and therapy, having presented at the Milestones National Autism Conference in 2018 and 2021. She is also a diligent member of the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA), where she actively participates in furthering the field’s knowledge base and application of best practices.

Outside her professional life, Cierra indulges in her passion for the natural world, identifying as a plant enthusiast and an avid hiker. Her love for the indoors is equally profound, enjoying her time reading and experimenting with new baking recipes. Through her professional endeavors and personal interests, Cierra McPeak embodies a well-rounded and dedicated individual, deeply invested in enhancing the lives of those affected by Autism while nurturing her growth and hobbies.