Operations Assistant

Brittany Seabolt


Brittany Seabolt serves as an Operations Assistant at the Gainesville, GA center, where she leverages her ten years of experience working with children alongside her qualifications as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Brittany is adept at assisting fellow RBTs and their clients throughout the day, thanks to her deep understanding and expertise in her field.

Her approach to client care is deeply rooted in positivity and kindness, aiming to create an engaging and supportive environment for both families and clients. Beyond her professional commitments, Brittany is a family person at heart. She is a proud mother of four and celebrates her marriage with her husband on their favorite holiday, Halloween.

Brittany also harbors a passion for writing, having published a book, and enjoys reading and listening to music across various genres in her leisure time. Her multifaceted interests and commitment to both her personal and professional life make Brittany an invaluable member of her team.