Clinical Director

Amanda DeNier


Amanda DeNier, MA, BCBA, serves as the Clinical Director at the Apopka, FL center, where her expertise significantly contributes to the organization’s success. With a solid educational foundation that includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Queens College, an ABA Course Sequence from the Florida Institute of Technology, and a Graduate Degree in Special Education with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University, Amanda is well-equipped to handle a variety of challenges in her field. Her areas of expertise lie in Early Intervention, Verbal Behavior, and Assent-Based Practices, allowing her to make meaningful differences in her clients’ lives.

Amanda’s client care philosophy centers around providing compassionate care that prioritizes ethics and client dignity. She is committed to equipping her clients with the necessary tools to advocate for themselves, achieve personal satisfaction, and thrive in their environments. Her goal is for each client to become the most successful version of themselves.

When not making strides in her professional role, Amanda enjoys engaging in activities that connect her with nature and promote wellbeing. Doing yoga on the beach tops her list of favorite weekend activities, and she holds personal interests in gardening, hiking, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, and exploring all things nature-related. Amanda’s balanced approach to professional and personal life reflects her holistic philosophy toward client care and personal well-being.