Annual Leadership and Clinical Conference

Clinical Conference

Our first annual Clinical Conference, Virtually Together, was launched in October of 2020 and offered 11.5 continuing education units (CEUs) to our clinical staff. Presenters included internal and external subject matter experts (SME) from the ABA industry. The goal of the conference was to offer a conference opportunity amid the global pandemic, something that no company within the ABA industry was offering their staff at the time. Given the response was so positive, we continued the Clinical Conference in October of 2021, offering 9 CEUs, September 2022, offering 11 CEUs, and 2023 was our 4th annual Clinical Conference, offering 12 CEUs.

List of Past Presenters

  • ​Dr. Shahla Alai-Rosales
  • Dr. Adam Hahs
  • Dr. Apral Foreman
  • Dr. Carl Binder
  • Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz
  • Dr. John Rapp
  • Dr. Jonathan Tarbox
  • Dr. Karen Bearss
  • Dr. Keith Allen
  • Dr. Melissa King
  • Dr. Michael Cameron
  • Dr. Michael Cummings
  • Dr. Peter Gerhardt
  • Dr. Sharyn Kerr
  • Dr. Stefano Bagnato
  • Dr. Stewart Pisecco
  • Dr. Timothy Vollmer
  • Dr. Vivian Ibañez
  • Alan Fullbright M. ED, BCBA, LBA
  • Amanda Fullbright, M. ED, BCBA, LBA
  • Janell VanCleve MSEd, CAS
  • Kelly Bermingham MA, BCBA, SHRM-CP
  • Tiffanie Moore, MA, NCSP, BCBA, LBA
  • Worner Leland, MS, BCBA
  • Dr. Lynn Kern Koegel
  • Jennifer Posey, MA, BCBA
  • Adam Hockman
  • Julia Ferguson, M.S., BCBA, CPBA-AP
  • Michael Fabrizio, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Leadership Conference

BlueSprig hosts annual multi-day Leadership Conference where center-level leadership comes together with the Regional and Executive Leadership teams. The Leadership Conference aims to increase employee morale and retention, build better teams, improve productivity, and promote better decision-making to ultimately empower center-level leadership to meet their center-specific goals.