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What Is A Behavior Intervention Plan And Does My Child With Autism Need One?

Amber Valentino June 24, 2020

A “positive behavior support plan” refers to a certain type of behavior intervention plan.

If your child with autism attends school, you may have discussed a behavior intervention plan with their teacher. You might wonder: What role do positive behavior support plans play in ABA therapy, and does every child need one? Read on to learn more about what positive behavior support plans mean for your child’s autism treatment. We’ll also discuss what behavior intervention plans you can expect when partnering with Trumpet Behavioral Health.

What Is A Behavior Intervention Plan?

A behavior intervention plan (or BIP) is a function based plan that addresses your child’s problem behavior. The BIP works to decrease problem behaviors that occur by stopping the reinforcement for them and to increase positive behaviors such as communication. BIPS can address a variety of types of behaviors including aggression, tantrums, disruptive or anxiety-related behaviors. At Trumpet, we use several behavioral strategies to craft a treatment plan to help your child reach their full potential.

What Types Of Interventions Make Up An ABA Treatment Plan?

Every child has a unique plan to address their needs and cultivate their strengths. In general, “behavior intervention plans” refer to plans that treat problem behavior, while “skill acquisition programming” focuses on acquiring new skills. For example, if your child engages in self-injurious behavior the Trumpet team will create an intervention plan to help her stop hurting herself. If your child needs to acquire more social skills to interact with peers, the Trumpet team will develop programming to strengthen that skill set. Some children can have both behavior intervention plans and skill acquisition programming.

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Benefits of Behavior Intervention Plans Programming For Children With Autism

Trumpet’s Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs®) complete a thorough assessment to understand your child’s needs and the function (or reason behind) their behavior. Using evidence-based behavioral strategies, your therapy team will put together a completely individualized autism treatment plan. Each plan is function-based, includes targeted skill reduction strategies, and includes close monitoring of behavior to ensure your child’s skills increase and the problem behavior decreases.

Trumpet is committed to helping every child with autism thrive by providing unparalleled autism treatment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your family.