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Trumpet Recognizes Team Member in February Spotlight

February 17, 2015

Layla Abby, PhD, BCBA – Postdoctoral Fellow | Monterey Bay

 How long have you been working at TBH?

I started working at the TBH Monterey Bay division in  September of 2014.

 Why did you choose a career with Trumpet?

I chose a career with Trumpet because of its reputation,  leadership, and opportunities available. I started considering post-doctoral opportunities when I was approaching the final stages of my graduate studies, and my career goals matched very well with the opportunities that Trumpet had to offer. I wanted to refine my clinical and research skills under the supervision of an excellent behavior analyst and leader, and Trumpet was the perfect match for me.

What do you like most about working at Trumpet?

That is a difficult question! Here are a few things I like about working at Trumpet: I really love being able to make a significant impact on the lives of our clients, the opportunity to teach and learn from supervisees, the many professional development opportunities, the availability of many resources, TBH always working towards developing new resources or ameliorating existing resources, the research opportunities, the support available to the team members, and TBH being open to new ideas and initiatives. I also love the collaboration between team members within and across Trumpet divisions!

How does Trumpet help you further your profession in the field of ABA therapy?

Trumpet provides so many resources, professional development opportunities, and supervision that allow me to become a better behavior analyst. Moreover, I am very fortunate to have supervisors with expertise in research and clinical practices who work very closely to me who challenges me, while ensuring that I am successful at my job and that I will achieve my career goals.

What keeps you motivated in your current role?

The learning opportunities and the challenges that Trumpet offers keep me motivated. The more I learn, the more I want to continue learning! Also, being in contact and supervising team members who are eager to learn is very motivating to me.

What advice would you give a prospective Team Member when considering a career with Trumpet?

Many opportunities are available at Trumpet, so I would advice prospective Team Members to know or be thinking about their long-term career goals. Knowing their career goals will allow them to identify specific opportunities within the company that will lead them to reach their goals. Oh, and be ready to join a company that lives up to its core values and where a career can be built.




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