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Top 10 Autism Blogs of 2020

BlueSprig December 28, 2020

It’s that time of year again! We have carefully researched autism blogs and narrowed them down so that you have one source to find information about autism, autism research, and autism education. We’ve sought out 10 great bloggers with sites full of current information and tips that your family may find helpful.

Disclaimer: These bloggers were chosen for their consistency and the quality of their content. We’ve not listed them in any particular order, and they are not affiliated with BlueSprig in any way. We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful. Happy reading!

Behavior Babe

Behavior Babe is run by clinician Amanda N. Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA. The blog has information for different aspects of the autism community and ABA Therapy- Advocates, Students, Analysts, and Caregivers. She lays out important facts about autism, offers timely techniques and strategies for caregivers, and provides other opportunities for research

The Autism Dad

The Autism Dad is run by Rob Gorski, a full-time dad of three. On his blog, he documents his journey with raising three children on the autism spectrum. He shares his techniques for encouraging his sons to communicate, details the unique experiences that he and his family face, and showcases the food that they all make together as he teaches his sons how to be independent. In addition to his blog, he offers helpful parent resources and discusses all of this and more on his podcast.

Finding Cooper’s Voice: The Secret World of Autism

Finding Cooper’s Voice is a personal blog run by mom-blogger Kate. Kate details the adventures that her and her family go through and day to day life with Cooper, her oldest son who was diagnosed with severe autism. Kate shares relatable stories and even shares other caregiver stories to give a voice to all on her blog.

Bearded Behaviorist

Bearded Behaviorist is run by Brian Middleton, BCBA. Brian is a founder of the Open-Source Educational Resources special interest group of ABAI and an autism self-advocate. In his posts, Brian covers topics like important autism related research, techniques for tailoring ABA therapy techniques, and his own life experiences as someone in the ABA world as well as someone who himself is on the spectrum. In addition to his blog, he hosts a podcast called Oh Behave! where he discusses all of this and more.

Autism Parenting Magazine

Autism Parenting Magazine shares digital issued of their magazine on a part of their site called Back Issue Library. Each magazine issue highlights what is featured in that magazine and is accompanied by a letter to the editor relating to the topics found inside.

The M.o.C.h.A. Diaries

This blog was founded by Dr. Lisa Peña, founder of the non-profit The M.o.C.h.A. Tribe, co-founder of the non-profit Labeled and Loved and a Today Show Parenting Team contributor. She is the writer behind The M.o.C.h.A. Diaries, which stands for Moms of Children that Have Autism. Her goal is to create radical empathy through sharing her stories as a mom to a child on the autism spectrum.

Organization for Autism Research

Organization for Autism Research (OAR) provides resources, tips, and up-to-date research surrounding autism spectrum disorder for families and self-advocates. They not only run programs to help those on the spectrum find employment, but also offer tips for all age groups on the spectrum.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Autism Research

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Autism Research focuses on sharing their research developments on their blog. You can learn about research related to aba therapy, early childhood development, speech and language, and overall behaviors. Their blog also focuses on exciting wins for individuals on the spectrum and the autism community overall.

The Art of Autism

The Art of Autism is a blog that showcases art made by those on the autism spectrum. The vision of the blog is to empower individuals on the spectrum through participation in the arts. The site is run by bloggers on the spectrum and features art like poetry and paintings from over 500 unique contributors.

Different Brains

Different Brains is founded by neurodiversity author and advocate, Hackie Reitman, M.D. The Different Brains blog covers different topics surrounding education, independence, and self-advocacy. On the blog, they also share episodes from their podcast, Spectrumly Speaking, hosted by Haley Moss and Dr. Lori Butts. Each episode features guests that are a part of the autism community and covers similar topics to those on their blog.

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