The BlueSprig Grand Rounds Interdisciplinary Action Committee

BlueSprig May 19, 2021

At BlueSprig, we are on a mission to change the world for children with autism. And at the core of this mission is our BlueSprig team. Our talented and passionate employees are a critical piece of the puzzle that deliver high-quality ABA therapy driven by our commitment to exceed industry standards of clinical outcomes.

We do that with a number of resources to ensure that not we are not only providing families with access to clinically excellent services but also that our clinicians have access to ongoing support in order to achieve optimal client outcomes.  In addition to our stellar Clinical Advisory Board, another important resource that we offer is the Grand Rounds Interdisciplinary Action Committee, which aims to support all clinicians by providing a psychologically safe space to examine cases that require further support.

The Grand Rounds team is made up of experienced professionals of diverse backgrounds within the BlueSprig family of companies and consultants from outside the organization. The team provides collective consultation for clients with significant barriers as well as clients who are excelling in their programming to recognize the successes of the clinical team. The goal of the Grand Rounds process is to ensure that all clinicians are supported and recognized in their pursuit to provide optimal treatment tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Access to the Grand Rounds team is provided through a referral system of standard and expedited reviews. Standard reviews occur once per week and members of the BlueSprig clinical community, including clinical leadership, supervisors, and interns who are pursuing their certification, are invited to join as audience members to facilitate professional development through case presentations.

The Grand Rounds team is also supported by guest specialists who are renowned subject matter experts in the field of applied behavior analysis. Their participation enables the Grand Round team to provide the greatest interdisciplinary clinical guidance allowing for the best possible outcomes.

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