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What Autism Has Taught Me

Joshua Sleeper June 12, 2019

With our #TBH (To Be Honest) campaign, we’re giving parents, family members, and even children an outlet to share their truths about how autism has changed their lives. We’d like to prompt everyone to ask, “What has autism taught me?” This campaign is all about getting real about autism, but it’s also about the challenges and stories that families encounter along their autism journey.

Last month, we saw how autism has inspired the Trumpet team, but a different theme appeared among the #TBH stories we collected during Autism Awareness Month: learning.

When asked how autism has changed their lives, parents, caretakers, teachers, and community members shared the lessons they’ve learned and the truths they’ve come to know.

Here’s what autism has taught members of our community:

“Autism has showed me that I can actually learn more from those who aren’t already in the social construct than they can from me. They’ve freed me from myself most days.” – Jazmine K.

“Working at an NPS has opened my eyes to what really matters in life and has taught me how to be the best version of myself.” – Melissa R.

“Taught me to be more patient and compassionate towards all things in life.” – Bhakti J.

“I’ve been working with K-12 students with autism for 5 years and have learned more from them than I’ve taught.” – Shannon N.

Are you ready “To Be Honest” about how autism has impacted your life?

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