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#TBH — It’s Time to Get Honest About Autism

Joshua Sleeper April 1, 2019

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every 59 children has been diagnosed with autism [1]. Although autism is more prevalent in boys than girls, it can affect any gender, any race, and it is a lifelong disorder. In preparation of Autism Awareness Month this April, we’re launching the #TBH (To Be Honest) campaign. This campaign is all about getting real when it comes to autism, but it’s also about the stories each family encounters along their individual journey.

So far in 2019, Trumpet has held numerous events across the country to provide resources for parents of children with autism, as well as trainings for our therapists and clinicians. At each event, we’ve given families and staff members the opportunity to share their story about how autism has impacted their lives. We’ve collected so many inspiring stories, and we’re excited to share them with the autism community.

If your child has autism, you know the challenges that come with this disorder. But alongside the hard days are the times of appreciation, celebration, and growth. The #TBH (To Be Honest) campaign is the opportunity for parents, family members, and even children to have an outlet for honesty.

Here’s how autism has inspired our team at Trumpet:

“The way autism has impacted my life is through the form of friendship. Ever since I was young, my mother encouraged me to make friends with kids that have autism [and] down syndrome. So in kindergarten, I did. Her name is Abigail, and to this day she still continues to enlighten and educate me. She is one of my closest friends.” – Kayla K.

“Autism has encouraged me to want to help others who are diagnosed with ASD to better their lives.” – Andy S.

“I have been touched by the ASD students that I’ve worked with. I have seen several of my junior highers learn social skills and make friends.” Vicki D.

Are you ready “To Be Honest” about how autism has impacted your life?

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