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Online Homeschool Programs for Children with Autism

Joshua Sleeper April 16, 2020

With many schools, businesses, and companies closed due to COVID-19, you’re probably spending a lot more time at home with your children – and you may have taken on the extra responsibilities of teaching them, too. To help make life easier for your family, we’ve compiled some of the best online homeschool options for children with autism in grades pre-K through high school. These resources are all free, and many are customizable to meet your child’s unique skills and abilities. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite remote learning and homeschooling curriculums that you can use during this quarantine.

Free Online Homeschool Programs:

Reading & English Language

Reading opens the world to your child, and helps them learn about new cultures, groups of people, and traditions. Help your child sharpen their reading skills with these resources: 

  • Dreamscape: This website engages children in free reading games and activities created by teachers. Since children learn in so many different ways, Dreamscape offers several types of games that cater to each learning style. This program is ideal for grade levels 2-8. 
  • Scholastic: Scholastic is behind many favorite children’s books, and now, Scholastic is bringing their resources right to your home. With an at-home reading curriculum for grades pre-K and up, add some normalcy to your child’s day by letting them revisit their favorite characters and stories while learning something new.  
  • Virtual Story Hour: Brooklyn Public Library is livestreaming “virtual story hour” with a variety of books and performances. Check out their schedule, or see if your local library offers a similar service.  


Math: some kids love it, some kids hate it. No matter how your child feels about the subject, help them grow their skills with these online homeschool courses for kids with autism: 

  • K-5 Teaching Resources: This math consultancy firm has provided quality curriculum and teaching tips to teachers and administrators for years. Now, they’re offering free math packets for grades K-5 for parents. The packets are printable, so you can give your child a break from the screen. 
  • Khan Academy:  Khan Academy offers personalized learning for a variety of subjects, and is well-known for its quality math instruction. With math courses from pre-K through high school, as well as AP and high school science, history, government, economics, computing, and standardized test prep, the whole family can learn something new. Plus, they’ve put together a daily schedule for children aged 2-18, which can greatly help children with autism transition to this new way of life.


From earth science to coding, help your child stay on course with these virtual homeschool resources: 

  • EveryDay Earth: Students can choose where and how they learn about Earth Science with this online, interactive STEM program. Ideal for grade levels 4-6.   
  • BlocksCAD: Your child can explore math and computer science skills using specialized, computer-aided drafting software. Free for parents during this time, your child can practice geometry and computational thinking skills while creating and manipulating 3D objects. 
  • Mystery Science: Used by educators in the classroom, Mystery Science is offering their most popular science lessons to the public for free. If your child loves science, sign up for a free account to access even more at-home lessons. Perfect for grade levels K-5. 

Art, PE, and Field Trips

Many kids will say their favorite thing about school is art, PE, or their field trips. Thanks to modern technology, they can still engage in these activities right from your own home! 

  • Lunch Doodles With Mo Willems: Help your child find their inner artist with this YouTube series by MoWillems, beloved author of “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus,” and “The Knuffle Bunny.” In each video, Mo Willems draws well-known or new characters, gives some art tips, and invites children to follow along with him. 
  • Go Noodle: This popular resource is used by teachers all over the country to get them moving and active. Sign up for your free account, and let your child hop, sing, and groove. These short videos are a perfect reward for staying on-task. They also work well as a brain break to help your child switch to a new activity. 
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium: Experience sea life close up through Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live web cams. 
  • The Metropolitan Museum Of Art: Visit one of the most popular at museums in the US – virtually! This kid-friendly service lets you explore the museum collection and view related videos to enhance your experience.

Even though life looks a little different right now, the country is coming together to support our nation’s children and parents. If you’re looking for even more resources, try researching companies, museums, and businesses in your area – many are offering live streams or virtual experiences geared towards children. And, don’t hesitate to contact your clinical team at Trumpet Behavioral Health. We’re here to support you and your family in whatever way possible, including helping you find online homeschool resources for kids with autism.