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Now Accepting Missouri Medicaid

BlueSprig March 3, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we now accept Missouri Medicaid in all four Missouri BlueSprig locations! Insurance ineligibility can be a significant barrier for families to overcome before receiving services. We are excited to be able to provide families and caregivers with a child on the autism spectrum comprehensive ABA treatment covered under their insurance benefit. This coverage will help families in Missouri get the support they need to help their children reach their full potential.


Many advocates, including BlueSprig staff, worked tirelessly to advocate for increased rates for ABA therapy through Missouri Medicaid. Their hard work paid off in the Summer of 2022. At that point, the state released new rates significantly higher than the old rates for ABA. Because of the hard work of these advocates, thousands of children will now have access to medically necessary ABA therapy.

Coverage Details 

Missouri Medicaid covers applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for individuals under the age of 21 as part of the Early, Periodic, Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program. The EPSDT Program ensures that children and adolescents have access to preventative, dental, mental health, developmental, and specialty services, like ABA therapy.

To qualify for the ABA benefit covered under Missouri Medicaid, individuals must have a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation (CDE) completed by a licensed medical provider or psychologist.  The CDE must include a diagnosis of autism and a recommendation for ABA therapy.

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If you are unsure if ABA therapy is a covered benefit under your insurance, our team of specialists is available to help you with referral requirements so we can expedite the onboarding process for all. Visit to contact your local center and learn more.